Exchange ActiveSync/Outlook Anywhere Connectivity Issues

Over the last several years I’ve come across all sorts of issues connecting mobile phones to Exchange servers for syncing purposes… These have ranged in fixes for Exchange 2003 and needing to create an exchange-oma virtual directory, with some registry key changes, to fixing security problems within AD to resolve the issues.

In the past 6 months or so, I’ve been using this site to test these configurations (it saves messing around with your phone, or Windows Phone simulators):

This is the Exchange Remote Connectivity Analyser, and it works miracles!

It’ll test Autodiscover for you… as well as then trying to sync (with the account details you provide) with your mailbox (change the password before and after!). It then gives detailed steps and error messages (as well as links pointing to the usual causes of the problem) which can be used to troubleshoot further.

Sometimes it’ll complain about public certificates (usually if there is an intermediate CA in the certificate path), but if this is the case, just tick the “Ignore SSL Errors” check box, and it’ll happily run the test and only give you a warning instead of an error.

This site has helped me so many times before, and is extremely useful for troubleshooting… I always make this my first port of call should I have any Outlook Anywhere/ActiveSync errors.

I hope you find it as useful as I do!

Problem connecting MS Outlook 2003 to MS Exchange 2010

I recently came across a problem after migrating a company from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010… none of the Outlook 2003 clients would connect to the server once their mailbox had been migrated. Other clients (MS Outlook 2007 and 2010) would work perfectly… so I knew this wasn’t necessarily a server-based problem…

After some digging around I came across this:

Outlook 2003 Exchange 2010 fix

This screenshot is from the advanced settings section of an Exchange connector in Outlook 2003. All that’s needed to be changed here, is to put a tick in the “Encrypt data between Microsoft Office Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server”. Once you’ve clicked OK, and saved the changes to the profile, Outlook works properly again.

Hello world!

Hello Visitor!
I’ve decided it’s finally time that I started blogging all my exploits in the world of I.T. not only for my sake, but for those around me, and those random “Googlers” trying to find answers for their problems!

I’ll mainly be using this Blog to update you all with the problems I’ve faced with VMware products, and the fixes for them, as well as guides for performing system admin tasks, and maybe the odd script or two that I’ve written for performing tasks in Exchange/Windows PowerShell and the VMware PowerCLI.

So… gotta get writing my first proper blog article then!!