F-Secure Mobile Security and Anti-Theft

On Monday I flew over to Sweden for a 2 day conference being held at the Hotel Rival in Stockholm by the guys and gals at F-Secure. We had a fantastic time! They talked about a lot of subjects over those few days, new features in their Mail Security Gateway product, including e-mail encryption, as well as some fairly new products. They now have a fantastic product called F-Secure Anti-Theft.

This tool is FREE to download, and runs on any Symbian, Android or Windows Phone/Mobile devices. It allows you to remotely wipe, lock or even locate your lost/stolen mobile, by simply sending it a text message…! Oh, and the locate feature sends a reply, with a link to a map to show you exactly where the phone is!!! On top of that, if the thief changes the SIM card… it will send a text to a pre-defined mobile number, giving you the new number that the thief has put into your phone, allowing you to lock, wipe or locate your phone still!!! Good huh?

Well, they’ve also released another product, F-Secure Mobile Security. This incorporates the Anti-Theft product, as well as a small, lightweight Anti-Virus scanner and some other features such as F-Secure’s Browsing Protection service which helps you to know if a site you are visiting is dangerous, and will block it for you, for your own security.

There’s also a business version available, with a central management console, the only feature missing here is the location option (this is still available via text message though).

With the increasing numbers of mobile phone viruses out there, it’s time to start protecting ourselves now, before it’s too late.

You can find out more about these products here:

F-Secure Mobile Security
F-Secure Anti-Theft
F-Secure Mobile Security for Business

To use the Anti-Theft features, you simply text once of the following statements to your phone:


Just replace the <password> section with your preset security code that you configure once the software is installed.